Untitled, 2018

Collaboration with Lucy Hutton

The things we buy, display and organise in our personal lives are so carefully considered, often without us even realising. We collect a vast array of items and exhibit them however we see fit. Be this on a shelf, wall, desk or cabinet drawer. Do these decisions reflect their importance or sentimental value? For example, a photograph that is chosen to be in a picture frame in comparison to kept in an album. We have been looking into these collections and displays, whether it is an ancient artefact displayed traditionally in a museum, or a personal collection of accumulations over a life span. The distinction between how the simple decisions we make within our everyday lives, and curatorial ones made in an art gallery or museum is one we have found fascinating.

Through our work we are exploring notions of value, ownership, display and collection, whist simultaneously being aware of our consideration into how we should organise and categorise the items we normally wouldn’t. This categorisation process has proved interesting in the distinct qualities that we view as similar between items or photographs, such as the recurrence of an orange couch, grouping of documents and colour coordination of stamps. Moving on from this, we are exploring how we group these individual items together based only on one common trait, perhaps a colour or purpose, e.g. 4 x roller paint brush refills with boxed light bulbs, their commonality being the colour orange.